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Trijit Corporate Training

Trijit Corporation delivers the highest level of quality with respect to technology and soft skill trainings and give customers a true value for their money.

From the time of conceptualization till the time of execution and evaluation with an ultimate touch of professionalism in every stage of our coordination process.

Trijit Corporation as a corporate training company assure's simplified training and spectacular results.

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For any queries email us at :
Email - [email protected]

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Trijit Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We are leader in Corporate Training Services.

We are a globally focused Corporate Training provider IT Company and have a strong knowledge base and excellent tailor-made packages to cater to the IT Industry.

We are engaged in imparting knowledge on an impressive range of leading edge technologies. We have expertise to understand your requirements and eventually offer quality, time bound and economically viable packages. We have a dedicated team that works in coordination with high experienced, innovative and motivating senior consultants on various application areas. We ensure that we walk that extra mile to ensure best of solutions & services are available.

Online Training - Instructor-led web-based Training

It saves the hassle, expenses, and travel time to a training site.

Trijit offers Virtual Classroom training - Instructor-led web-based Training as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to site-based and Class Room Training. Virtual Classroom is a web-based environment that allows you to participate in live training events without the need to travel. You listen to lectures, participate in lab exercises, ask questions, and receive feedback just as you would do in a conventional classroom.

We provides Virtual Lab facility by which participant can do the lab exercises from the convenience of their desktop, or anywhere you have an Internet and phone connection.

Open House Workshop

Keep Yourself ahead!

Trijit provides Total Solutions using the "World Class Technologies" to those who can envision, innovate and re-invent themselves ever so often.. Trijit has young minds and innovative ideas which has the ability to deliver mission critical information to participants as fast as possible and at lower cost keeping abreast with the Technologies.

Trijit provides state-of-the-art training facilities. We outsource these rooms to our major clients like IBM, Infosys, Accenture etc.