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Trijit Corporation delivers the highest level of quality with respect to technology and soft skill trainings and give customers a true value for their money.

From the time of conceptualization till the time of execution and evaluation with an ultimate touch of professionalism in every stage of our coordination process.

Trijit Corporation as a corporate training company assure's simplified training and spectacular results.

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VMware ESX Servers

VMware Infrastructure of any editions offers three server versions — ESX, ESXi Embedded, and ESXi Installable. The documents listed on this page cover ESX and vCenter Server. There are separate Web pages for the ESXi Embedded / vCenter Server and ESXi Installable/vCenter Server combinations.

VMware VSphere

VMware vSphere leverages the power of virtualization to transform data centers into simplified cloud computing infrastructures and enables IT organizations to deliver flexible and reliable IT services. VMware vSphere virtualizes and aggregates the underlying physical hardware resources across multiple systems and provides pools of virtual resources to the datacenter.

Citrix XenServers

A resource pool comprises multiple XenServer host installations, bound together into a single managed entity which can host Virtual Machines. When combined with shared storage, a resource pool enables VMs to be started on any XenServer host which has sufficient memory and then dynamically moved between XenServer hosts while running with minimal downtime (XenMotion).

Exchange Servers

The growing volume of e-mail messages coupled with e-mail's mission-critical role in many businesses places heavy demands on IT administrators.

Windows Servers

Windows Server is built from the same code base as Windows Vista; therefore, it shares much of the same architecture and functionality. Since the code base is common, it automatically comes with most of the technical, security, management and administrative features new to Windows Vista such as the rewritten networking stack (native IPv6, native wireless, speed and security improvements)

SharePoint Servers

One of the most efficient ways to retrieve a list of common items or find a specific item is to ask SharePoint to perform a search. Microsoft provides nearly ubiquitous searching in every SharePoint site.

Windows Clustering

Microsoft has supported fault-tolerant and high-availability clustering for many years, but with the release of Windows Compute Cluster Servers, Microsoft brings the super computing power of high-performance computing (HPC) to the personal and workgroup level.