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Trijit Corporation delivers the highest level of quality with respect to technology and soft skill trainings and give customers a true value for their money.

From the time of conceptualization till the time of execution and evaluation with an ultimate touch of professionalism in every stage of our coordination process.

Trijit Corporation as a corporate training company assure's simplified training and spectacular results.

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Email - [email protected]

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  • Sales icon Sales: 1-800-214-6933
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About Trijit Corporate Training

About Corporate Trainers
Trijit Corporation provides the world's most complete, Corporate Training, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Services, Network Solutions and IT Solutions with more than 2,00,000 customers around the globe. Trijit is not as new as it sounds, we have been creating Internet solutions since 2003. Trijit is a fast growing software company and it also provides Consulting, IT services, and Outsourcing. We are leader in Network Infrastructure Solutions and Corporate Training Services.

Trijit Corporation is a services/products provider with capabilities in software application development, software product development, application management and technology integration services. Trijit provides e-business and technology (custom, package, business applications etc.) solutions involving expertise from the latest technology to provide best software services. We offer wide range of software solutions/products by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading companies.

Corporate Training Services
We are also a globally focused Corporate Training provider IT Company and have a strong knowledge base and excellent tailor-made packages to cater to the IT Industry. We are engaged in imparting knowledge on an impressive range of leading edge technologies.

We are IT Infrastructure and Virtualization experts. We deliver it all - from server to desktop and everything in-between. As an USA and India based IT managed services and support firm with seasoned in-house IT professionals, we have been serving many enterprises for 10+ years. We also plan, design, implement, and support IT Infrastructure using Virtualization Technologies, so you can remain productive and profitable.